Highly Versatile Orange Box 3 Box Consortium built by KI6SMN and friends: A powerpoint showing construction of a field radio set up making use of 3, water resistant orange boxes. Once downloaded the PPT will advance automatically or you can advance the slides at will.
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Ham Bands
Color reproduction of the ham bands chart by ARRL. February 23, 2007 edition.
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Click on the picture above to connect to a site showing how a Prius was modified to become a highly mobile, solar energized, power supply.

This page describes the addition of solar panels to a salvage Prius to make a portable energy system. By combining high power solar with thousands of watts of backup gasoline driven generator power in the Prius this vehicle is able to provide emergency power for field operating events such as the annual Amateur Radio Field Day or Scouting events shown above. 

Click on the picture above to read about a Prius installation including templates for making hatch bracket.